Alison Dean

My IRSSM journey commenced in 2010 in Mauritius (inaugural event) and continued every year – Indonesia, China, India, Estonia, Malaysia, Thailand and Korea – until my retirement in 2017.
The IRSSM platform is exceptional in two ways. First, its focus on developing nations has enabled many local scholars to gain access to distinguished researchers and to engage in direct service discussion, an otherwise rare or unlikely opportunity for them. Second, the IRSSM symposium is small and totally inclusive. Everyone is part of the group and everyone belongs.
Personally, I learned a great deal, met three co-authors (Nur Indrianti, Benjamin Ellway, Walanchalee Wattanacharoensil) and formed enduring friendships. I extend my congratulations to Jay Kandampully for his commitment and wonderful work and I commend others who are continuing to make service research accessible, inclusive and diverse (Yupal Shukla).