Yupal Shukla

In 2013, I got to know about the 4th IRSSM to be hosted in India. I remember missing the deadline for submission. However, Prof. Jay Kandampully (Founder and Co-Chair of IRSSM) was kind enough to give me a chance to attend it. After attending IRSSM, I got to know what “impactful research” means. The inspirational speech by leading service research professors at IRSSM shook me and brought a burning desire to learn research well. I was constantly guided and motivated by Prof. Jay Kandampully to spend at least a year outside of India to learn research in a structured way. I do not have words to express my deepest gratitude towards IRSSM and towards Prof. Jay Kandampully for his guidance through hours of discussion about my quest for learning how to do research. IRSSM introduced me to the warm and welcoming service research community. Special thanks to Prof. Srikanth Beldona, Prof. Jochen Wirtz, Prof. Alison Dean, Prof. David Solnet, Prof. Sabine Benoit, Prof. Allard Van Riel, Prof. Liliana Bove, Prof. Werner Kunz, Prof. Bo Edvardsson, Prof. Lia Patrício, Prof. Christian Kowalkowski, Dr Katrien Verleye for helping IRSSM India forum. IRSSM helped me to make many life-long friends, especially Dr. Ravi Chatterjee & Dr. Vibha Arora.